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An inspiring and educational resource for the landscape industry, promoting and developing real life careers.



Looking for a rewarding career? Love working outdoors with plants, nature and the environment? Are you creative or practical? Then landscaping could be just the profession for you! Find out more about what it takes to be a landscaper and how to start your journey.

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Landscaping offers exciting and varied job opportunities for everyone; from entry-level school leavers to senior professionals. Get stuck in through hands-on experience, work your way up to supervising a team, or, specialise in specific areas like sports pitch maintenance or horticulture.

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Hear from real landscapers and discover how they got involved and why they love what they do! Some worked their way up from a Saturday job picking litter, others completed Diplomas and Degrees to get to where they wanted to be. There is a door waiting to be opened for everyone.

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Landscaping is a truly creative industry. From private gardens, public spaces and commercial sites, the landscape around us can offer both beauty and health benefits, stimulating our senses and improving our wellbeing. Let's all work together to protect our natural world; when can you start!

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