ABOUT GoLandscape

The British Association of Landscape Industries and its members recognise the importance of introducing new talent into the landscaping industry in order to sustain, build-on, and develop this remarkable and rewarding sector.
BALI is delighted to promote GoLandscape, an education, skills and careers initiative, designed to inform and inspire new recruits and combat industry issues, including a severe skills shortage.

GoLandscape will aim to provide a wealth of inspiring and educational career advice on landscaping jobs to young people.
The advice will be mapped to the UK Government's curriculum for the land-based sector and linked to the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards. BALI has played an instrumental part in lobbying at a parliamentary level and establishing Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards as recognised qualifications in land-based colleges throughout the country.
GoLandscape will start by bringing together a culmination of real-life stories and exemplar projects from leading landscape industry organisations and individuals.
These will provide practical examples of what it is really like to work in the industry that we are all so proud of, and why landscaping jobs offer serious career paths that provide opportunities for everyone.

GoLandscape has three main objectives:
1. To inspire
Landscaping is a serious career path with a host of opportunities. Whether it’s Commercial or Domestic landscaping jobs, Grounds Maintenance, or careers in Landscape Architecture and Design, landscaping can offer fantastic careers for everyone. No matter what your age, gender or background, the industry needs people of all abilities, from practical and vocational roles all the way to degree level. Landscaping careers are fun, rewarding, and it’s a prestigious industry to work within.
2. To encourage retention
Not only within our colleges, but also within our industry, we want to introduce landscaping jobs to school children at careers events, raising the profile of the industry. Beyond new recruits, GoLandscape will encourage industry and colleges to reconnect, so they can deliver the correct training to students, which will build their confidence before they enter the working world.
3. To combat landscaping industry issues
If school children are inspired to go into further education to study landscaping, and the colleges are meeting the demands of the industry by training students to the highest standards, this will create greater student and staff retention which will ultimately close the skills gap in the landscaping sector.

About BALI
The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) is the UK’s largest Trade Association for professional Landscape Designers, Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Contractors, and suppliers of industry products and services.
Established in 1972, it has a membership of over 900 organisations and individuals.