British Sugar TOPSOIL celebrates launch of TOPSOIL Academy with training bursary

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The wealth of technical, scientific, regulatory and storage/handling information on soils that British Sugar TOPSOIL has developed and made freely available via its website has now been ordered and consolidated under the new TOPSOIL Academy tab.

And to celebrate the launch of this comprehensive learning resource, TOPSOIL will award a training bursary of £500 to one successful applicant working in any of the following areas:

  • Groundworks/Construction
  • Landscape contracting
  • Greenkeeping
  • Groundsmanship
  • Garden design

National TOPSOIL Manager Andy Spetch has long been an advocate of giving those working in the land-based sector as much independently verified information on soils as possible:

“British Sugar TOPSOIL has always made its product testing and analysis data freely available and has encouraged customers to get acquainted with what that data is telling them about our products. We soon found that there was a thirst for independent, objective information on soils in general and so we made all our trials reports from the STRI and other respected organisations available for scrutiny.

“Our TOPSOIL Academy brings together all that technical and scientific information, plus more practical help and guidance, in one place where pdf documents can be easily and freely downloaded by anyone working with soils or studying to enter the land-based sector.

“We hope the training bursary will help someone working in the land-based sector to develop their career where financial constraints may have previously been a barrier to them moving forward.”

The 2022 British Sugar TOPSOIL Training Bursary terms and conditions, eligibility criteria and application form can be accessed by visiting and clicking on the TOPSOIL Academy tab, where you can also find everything you need to know about soils.

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  2. National TOPSOIL Manager Andy Spetch
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Further information:  Andy Spetch – 01733 422084 / 07850 3369787

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British Sugar TOPSOIL is the largest suppliers of quality TOPSOIL in the UK. Our products, SubSoil, Landscape20, HortLoam and Sports&Turf, are successfully used by the construction, landscaping and amenity industries. For further information on British Sugar TOPSOIL go to

British Sugar is the leading supplier of sugar to the British and Irish food and beverage markets.  We operate four advanced manufacturing plants across East Anglia and the East Midlands employing around 1,400 permanent and contract staff directly at our facilities and supporting up to 9,500 UK jobs in the wider economy.

Over 3,000 growers supply us with around 8 million tonnes of sugar beet each year, which we process into up to 1.4 million tonnes of sugar.

Sugar production is at the heart of our operations but using our highly integrated approach to manufacturing, we aim to transform all of our raw materials into sustainable products. We produce 500,000 tonnes of animal feed from sugar beet pulp. We recycle stones for building, lime for soil conditioning and soil for landscaping. Using our Combined Heat & Power plants, we export enough electricity for over 120,000 homes; we were also the first company to manufacture Bioethanol in the UK.

Over the past five years, we have invested over £250 million to improve efficiency and competitiveness; in addition, we invest over £2m every year in research, development and education.

For further information visit  or find us on Twitter @BritishSugar

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