Taking on a
Student for Work Experience

Work experience is central to the government’s plans for schools and further education and presents a wonderful opportunity for employers to engage with students.
This maybe a week or two with school pupils or a year or two with college students.

For school pupils
It presents an opportunity for you to:
  • Showcase the landscape industry and influence career choices
  • Improve the quality of future employees
  • Develop your recruitment channels with schools
For college students
Studying full time horticulture and landscape courses, it is often compulsory for them to gain at least 150 hours work experience a year, this again can bring many benefits to employers:
  • Supporting someone that’s already interested in the industry
  • Mentoring and helping a student complete their qualification
  • Teaching industry skills and shaping a potential new employee
  • Gain a better understanding of vocational qualifications and the education system

        Why not contact your local school or college and offer to take on someone for work experience
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