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After parents and family, Careers Advisers are the go-to for many school pupils in helping them decide what career to pursue when they leave school.

Horticulture and landscaping unfortunately has a false image amongst a lot of people as being only for the unacademic and that it is also an unskilled profession as the RHS reports.

70% of 18-year-olds believed horticultural careers should only be considered by people who have ‘failed academically’, and nearly 50% of under 25’s think horticulture is an unskilled career. (RHS)

And for some people it isn’t even on their radar as a viable career option.

This has also been reinforced by some careers advisers as the below statement outlines.

Only 7 in every 100 schools or colleges have suggested students consider a career in horticulture, gardening or botany. (The Student Room).

Over the last month, GoLandscape has been attempting to address this through producing a pack to help Careers Advisers discuss landscaping in an accurate manner, presenting facts, figures and roles within the industry. To support this, we have attended four National careers Guidance shows and delivered insight talks throughout the country, that are designed to help Careers Advisers understand the different industries and opportunities available for their students. 

These events were supported by our GoLandscape ambassadors, individuals and companies that are passionate about what they do and the need to recruit for the future of the industry.

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