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There are a multitude of very compelling reasons to look into jobs in gardening and to launch a career in the landscaping sector. In addition, there is a wide variety of work available in the landscaping industry, ranging from hard to soft landscaping operations. Employment in landscaping such as landscape architecture, landscape and garden design, and landscape maintenance are examples of the types of employment that are accessible.

If you are looking for landscaping jobs we can give you real life interviews with people who now work in landscaping.

View our interview with Jordan who explains the reasons why he enjoys his profession as a landscaper. He also describes why he decided to switch from the career path he had initially planned to pursue to work in the landscaping sector.
He explains about his job in soft landscaping and why he chose that job as a career.

What exactly does soft landscaping mean?

Soft landscaping us just as important as hard landscaping and some landscaping jobs may involve both. However it is more likely that your job will be one or another.

Soft landscaping jobs can sometimes be referred to as landscape gardening jobs. While most people will use the word soft landscaping, avid gardeners will typically prefer the phrase softscaping. Despite the difference in terminology, both terms refer to the same thing.

If we consider the structural components, or skeleton, of an outdoor design to be the hard landscaping elements, then we may think of the soft landscaping components as the flesh that covers the bones. The majority of the time, decorative additions to an outdoor area are comprised of soft landscaping materials. Or, to put it more simply, the lush vegetation that makes them such calming places to unwind in. So if you think you would like this type of job maybe you should start to search for landscape gardening jobs.

There are many ways of describing “soft landscaping,”typically soft landscaping means the type of landscaping that includes things like trees, shrubs, turf, mulch, and soil. In most cases, hard and soft landscaping features should be used together.
For instance, sleepers could be used in a garden to form a raised flower bed, which is considered to be a type of hard landscaping element. The aspect of soft landscaping that it contains, however, is formed by the flowers and soil that are placed inside it.

It is essential to strike a balance between hard and soft landscaping components in order to create an atmosphere that is not only inviting and peaceful but also secure, long-lasting, and functional.

People working in soft landscaping jobs
People working in soft landscaping jobs

What is the point of using soft landscaping?

The purpose of using soft landscaping features is to give the landscape a more gentle appearance. They provide structure to an outdoor area as well as bring together all of the individual components that make up the space.
The term “soft landscaping elements” can refer to a wide variety of features, including turf, raised flower beds, hedges, shrubs, and plants.

Adding structure, texture, and personality to an outdoor space can be accomplished by striking a balance between hard and soft landscaping materials. Additionally, it assists in the navigation of the eye through the landscape and ergonomically directs the flow of traffic (whether on foot or in a vehicle) through a region.

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