Landscaping jobs

There are so many great reasons to pursue landscaping jobs and begin a career in the landscape industry, there are Hard and Soft Landscaping jobs, Landscape Architecture jobs, Landscape and Garden Design jobs and Landscape Maintenance jobs.
If you still have doubts, then hear from the people who already have a career in landscaping. The below videos will give you an insight into their day to day role, how they joined the landscape industry and what they love about the landscaping work they carry out.

  • Landscaping, a job in the great outdoors
    Jordan describes why he enjoys his job as a landscaper and why he made the change from his original career choice to join the landscape industry.
  • Landscaping, a sense of achievement
    Conroy explains why a career in landscaping provides job security and also, what aspects of his job make him so proud to be a landscaper. 
  • Landscaping, a career with a future
    Gerard tells us how landscaping has changed for the better, producing projects that employ a broad range of skilled landscapers working to a very high standard.
  • Landscaping, you never stop learning
    Larisa talks to us about her journey to join the landscape industry and reveals why she is always learning and growing in her role.
  • Landscaping, challenging but rewarding
    Julian informs us regarding the opportunities that a landscape career affords, that while it can be challenging, the end result is always worth it.
  • Landscaping, a career of progression and choice
    Let’s hear from Dan, who outlines the wide choice of the roles in the landscape industry, highlighting the opportunities for career progression and the different sectors you can mov...
  • Landscaping, supports you in your development
    Maria takes us through her journey into landscaping and all the qualifications and training she has undertaken to further her career.
  • Landscaping, creates a lasting impact
    Hear Liam explain how landscape projects are for everyone to use and enjoy and that you learn a range of industry skills making you even more employable.
  • Landscaping, realises the vision
    Landscape Architect Amy tells us about the impact landscaping has on shaping the environment we live in and the collaboration that takes place in bringing landscapes to life.