Introduction to the

What do landscapers do?
The world of landscaping is broad and diverse. Anywhere a building has been constructed a landscaper will be involved, designing, creating and caring for green spaces and gardens.

It’s a daunting task choosing what career path to follow. Is a landscaping job right for you, will you enjoy a career in landscaping?
Therefore, it’s important to consider:

Your interests
If you’re interested in landscaping you’ll remain motivated and happy in your choice of career.
Your skills
These can often be developed once you have begun your landscaping career journey, but having some core skills already in place such as written, numeracy and IT skills will make your progress easier.
Your values
What you consider important in your life. Applying this to your work will help give purpose to your job and longevity to your career.

Considering these in relation to your chosen career will help you make a more informed choice, so if you are . . .

Looking for a rewarding career?
Love working outdoors with plants, nature and the environment?
Creative or practical?

Then a landscaping job could be the right profession for you.

There is a landscaping job for everyone . . .

Enjoy construction?
Landscapers build gardens, fences, walls, patios, bridges and move the land to create new and exciting spaces.

Love working outdoors?
The work of grounds maintenance staff makes a difference to the people and places around us, including public parks and sports surfaces.

Interested in plants and ecology?
Landscapers of all levels gain a knowledge of plants and you can get involved in selecting and planting a wide range of varieties along with their maintenance.

Want to save the environment?
Landscapers help create and conserve outside spaces for wildlife, plants, and to prevent erosion. They install green roofs and walls to help combat environmental concerns.

Feeling creative?
Landscape Designers and Architects work alongside Building Architects to design exciting and functional outside spaces.

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