Top Tips
For Parents

Start the discussion early
Most schools won’t start offering career advice until secondary school, but its never too early to start those discussions. Having an idea of what career paths are available can help your child choose their GCSE subjects at the end of year 9.

Who am I?
Helping your child discover who they are and what interests and motivates them will help you guide them to routes that potentially appeal to them. Are they creative, have an analytical mind, do they work well with others, have an innovative streak? Landscaping careers cater for all of these attributes and more.
Do your research
Accurate Information is key. We have designed this website to be a helpful resource tool for landscape jobs, but also speak to people in the industry, they are very approachable.
Be open minded
Things have changed since you were at school, some things for the better, others for the worse. What you like and are interested in might not be the same as your child.
Work experience
This presents a wonderful opportunity to for your child to gain hands on experience of what its like to work day to day in the landscape industry. Approach your child’s school and ask them to support you in finding a placement with a landscaper or find one of our local landscapers.
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