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“Ignoring the process of career development occurring in childhood is similar to a gardener disregarding the quality of the soil in which a garden will be planted.”

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At what age should discussions with children about careers begin?

According to a report, primary school teachers believe children should be learning about the world of work and different jobs in their first years of primary school.

Nearly half (47%) believe this should start from age 5 and under.

A further 21% believe this should start from age 5 – 7 in year 1 and 2.

Introducing primary children to the world of work - Education and Employers

School and education prepares young people for life and work, so learning should be linked to the real world. This can support motivation, hard work, and broaden aspirations, as well as beginning the process of appreciating the world of work.
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We have created a series of resources to support you in discussing careers in landscaping with your children through activity books, job descriptions, activities, and videos.

We are also in partnership with the Skinny Jean Gardner’s School Gardening Success Plan, which aims to bring gardening and horticulture into schools as well as raising awareness of the connected careers.