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From entry level to degree, there is a huge choice when it comes to qualifications in landscaping, so where do you begin?
Let us help and guide you on landscaping courses available.

Landscaping Courses FAQ's

Why become qualified?

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, ‘I didn’t bother going to college and I did alright for myself’, and maybe they have. But a qualification demonstrates you have been taught how to learn, and a good education makes a potentially more productive and adaptable employee.

Are all learning providers the same? No

Choose carefully and look closely at the specific department you want to study with. Just because they have an outstanding Sports Department doesn’t necessarily mean they have an outstanding Horticulture Department.

No course is taught in exactly the same way everywhere.
Visit the college or university, attend open and taster days, speak to current students and teachers, and find reviews on the college or university. Be prepared to travel or move to an education establishment which has a strong reputation.

Have realistic expectations about the course, it won’t teach you everything. It’s a foundation to be built upon giving you the fundamental principles of the subject and teaching you research skills. A good course will enable you to adapt those fundamentals when you come across a new challenge, product or process.
The value of an educated member of staff, is not that they know it all, but they have the ability to teach more concisely.

Full time or part time courses?

It's worth remembering that 16-18 years olds still get free education and that there are a number of reasonable loan opportunities for older students.

So there has been no better time to join a landscaping course.

Full time in today’s further and higher education systems often only means attending 3 or 4 days a week, with the rest of the time devoted to personal study.

Part time is often just a day or evening a week.

Choice will come down to the time you can devote to study and the speed with which you want to gain your qualification.

What do all the levels mean?
In England and Northern Ireland.
Please note, the entry requirements are a guide. Contact your nearest education provider to find out more details.

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