What is the government Kickstart Scheme?

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With so many schemes and incentives available, it may feel overwhelming in trying to understand if any of them are open and applicable to your business. The current one doing the rounds at the moment, is the Kickstart scheme, which started its first placements this month.

What is the Kickstart Scheme?

It is a government’s scheme that aims to fund employers in creating jobs for 16-24-year-olds.

What’s being offered?

The government will cover the following.

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or National Living Wage), depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours a week up to a total of 6 months. You can pay higher than the minimum wage, but the funding will not cover this
  • Associated employer National Insurance and pension contributions
  • Funding towards start-up costs like equipment, uniforms, and basic training, up to a maximum of £1500 per placement
  • There is additional funding of up to £1500 to support you taking them on into full employment once they have completed their Kickstart Scheme funded job

Who can use the Kickstart Scheme?

  • Candidates must be aged between 16-24 who are claiming Universal Credit and are at the risk of long-term unemployment due to Coronavirus
  • Candidates will come through Jobcentre Plus, after which they can go through your usual recruitment process

What are the conditions?

  • Employers or organisations must offer a minimum of 30 jobs (don’t panic, you can partner up to meet this as you will see in a moment)
  • It cannot be used to replace existing or planned vacancies
  • Support the young person to become more employable through developing workplace skills, CV writing and interview preparations

This presents an opportunity to give someone a chance and try them for 6 months, funded. And if it works out, you can offer them the position at the end, or move them into an apprenticeship.

If you have less than 30 positions, you are encouraged to partner up with other employers and organisations. BALI Training Provider members, YMCA Training are registered as an intermediary organisation and will guide you through the process. They also offer mentoring, employability support and training.

Please get in touch with Sallyann Smith to find out more information and register you interest Sallyann.Smith@ymca.co.uk

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